19 Jan 2013

Why I am a Socialist

Socialism - The worldview where everyone is equally rich.
Or is that equally eating out of bins?

Did I make that title, Why I am a Socialist?

My mistake, what I meant to type was, Why I am not a complete fucking idiot, IE, a Soshialistisheskia.

Read on to find out why it's better to be a dead, potted plant than a Socialist...

The problem with Logic is, it's forever proving people to be wrong. And the same can be said for the Socialist's argument for Socialism.

When debating with a member of the Reds, it's often good practice to leave the brain at the bottom of a compost-heap. For you can be quite assured that you're about to witness a spectacle, much akin to a Yorkshireman tell you why it makes sense for everyone to speak Yorkshireish, with a mouthfull of Pies and Gravy. And that is, a Red tell you that Socialism is good for everyone.

" When one makes a Revolution, 
one cannot mark time; 
one must always go forward - or go back. 
He who now talks about the "freedom of the press" goes backward, 
and halts our headlong course towards Socialism.
 -Vladimir Lenin


When Thatcher made her last speech in Parliament in 1990, she pointed out very clearly the logic of the Socialist. A logical conclusion which states that the Socialist would rather the wealth gap be little but everyone be equally poor, as opposed to a greater wealth gap but overall wealth increased, even in the poorest strata.

The video of her making this point is viewable on YouTube.

"Yes, you would rather have the Poor poorer provided the Rich were less rich."
 - Margaret Thatcher

Or, to conclude, to embrace Socialism is to force every single Man, Woman and Child a life whereby they are all equally poor, with no ability for the Child to ever grow to be a wealthy Man or Woman.


Another serious flaw within the worldview of Socialism, is the limitless reach of the Government's control over even the tiniest of details of its people's lives. The utter dictation of all speech, clothing, media, entertainment, news and even the type of house a person may live in. That said, this is a trait which can apply equally to the furthest right as well as the furthest left, that said, you have to go extreme right to begin such intrusion, whereas the left-persuasion will enter such control slightly earlier on the scale.
Fancy a duvet-day? Think again.

Finally, one of the Government's most intervened aspects to its economy, is the work which its people conduct and, more crucially, the speed at which it is conducted.

Let's take the USSR's 5 year plans as an example. When people are told to mine x amount of Coal each day and, when they fail to do so, are shot. When people pull a duvet-day, they are shot. Survivors will be shot again. Or maybe sent to a Gulag where they'll be worked until they either A) die of exhaustion and malnutrition, or B) are shot.

"One death is a tragedy. 
A million deaths is a statistic."
- Joseph Stalin


Personally, I would rather meek out a poor existence in a free society than live a supposed 'rich' existence in a society whereby I am not allowed to read books on why wheat can't be grown in January.

It is up to the reader to form their own conclusions about the perils of Socialism. In this article, merely a few aspects have been covered about a worldview which deprives its people of choices, knowledge and freedom.

Perhaps a Red would care to respond to this article offering reasons to my contrary. Though I suspect any such argument will be filled with mantra around the majority of capitalists work for and constantly increase the wealth of the superrich.

That said, civil liberties are to me more important than my wallet.

Which is why I'd rather be a dead, potted plant than a Socialist.

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