30 Oct 2009

London's burning with boredom, now

When Paul Simon trashed his guitar on stage at The Palladium, New York, in September of 1979, he may well have performed, in my opinion, the most symbolic display in history.

An outcry of boredom and rage - a direct reflection on how many feel today about society and our governing minority.

"His head hit the ground sounding like cracking an egg in a frying pan"

Every single day we hear about anti-socialism on our streets. Be it fuelled by alcohol and drugs or simple absent-mindedness, it has cost the lives of many innocent Britons.

One of the latest and most notable occurrences of degeneration in our youth was the incident involving James Alford, the Paisley (Scotland) 43 year old who dared to stop two youths from vandalising his car - in return - kicked to death after he fell over, hitting his head on the pavement.

What makes his death even more tragic was the fact that he gave up his job, a lorry driver, to look after his cancer-stricken mother, Mary Fearns.
He is proceeded by his six children, now bastardised because of two thugs who are victims in their own right of today's society.

The only thing which stops me from turning this blog into a swearing ensemble of anger is the fact that the two dickheads, Jay O'Neill, 21, and Scott Milroy, 17, have been reduced to complete mental-retardation no thanks to the towns and cities that have an ever increasing population without the amenities to supply.

It should be noted that the two sperm-defects that are O'Neill and Milroy were not charged with murder. They pleaded guilty to lesser crimes and received heftily shortened sentences.

Turns out if you murder someone but admit to stealing a Wispa bar beforehand, you'll only be made to pay 49p.

Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves

If Lord Palmerston, a gunboat-diplomatic Prime Minister from 1855-58 and 1859-65 were alive today his stomach would boil quicker than the Royal Navy engines that he dispatched to anyone he didn't like the look of.

When asked by Perceval to be his Chancellor of the Exchequer, an enviable position in modern-day politics, Palmerston refused, in favour of being the Secretary for War.

In really short, Palmerston didn't fuck about.

Britain's policies today

Things have changed slightly from the 17th century, unfortunately, and today's society is a far-cry from the one Perceval and Palmerston drank their Indian slave-laboured tea in.

Back then it was safe to assume that Britain had an agenda. It had the biggest Navy the world had ever seen, more politicians than anarchists care to conceive and it was on a mission to dominate Earth.

Today however, Britain's mission seems to be allowing every tom, dick and harry into the country, offering them all the benefits on display in the many free-bank-accounts-for-immigrants that we call our social security offices.

You were warned...

The 1980s saw the uprising of the punk-era. A generation of hate-filled youths, bored to the teeth with the lack of understanding that adults have for the young.

They [government & society] blamed the music.
They blamed the media.
They blamed the clothing companies.
But they never blamed themselves.

And all it would have taken was for someone to listen.

The Clash in my opinion voiced perfectly what youths since have been feeling.
By no means are the Clash responsible for today's binge-drinking, drug-taking, elderly-robbing, house-braking, car-stealing, petrol-bomb-throwing, baseball-bat-yielding youths.

What the Clash, to the dismay of elders and the government said was, "FUCK YOU, WE'RE BORED, AND WE'RE NOT DOING WHAT YOU TELL US".

The problem with being young is, nobody listens to you.
While yes, elders may have more life experience, but the young have life to experience.

Society today is a concoction of races. The population has and is increasing yearly but the demands haven't been met.
Our council estates have grown, but without extra amenities to amuse.

Our population has exploded, but yet, we don't see any new youth-groups set up in churches or buildings where the young can go to make entertainment, safely, out of the way.
We are more tolerant than ever to other cultures - and suppressing our very own in the name of.

Cap immigration - build more leisure amenities and give us, as a young generation, something to do. If you ignore our demands - we'll give you something to do and believe me, you don't want that (see: James Alford).

God save the Queen.



Anonymous said...

what did Art Garfunkel make of the whole business?

Bob said...

"load of willy" I believe his exact words, were.