29 Nov 2009

Das Dritte Reich und die verrückte Leute

"The Third Reich and the crazy people"

When boredom gets to the point that you're searching for Adolf Hitler on facebook, it's probably time to go to bed and leave the blogging to the morning.
As it happens, the 120 year old is alive and kicking and is staging a comeback with the advent of the internet and a small group of wannabe Nazis.

As soon as I clapped eyes on the Furher's facebook profile, I knew I was in for a shock and a laugh. Both of which were only a click away.

Now, in a bid to try and understand how Hitler thought and to gain knowledge in his reason, I purchased a copy of Mein Kampf on Amazon about a year ago. After reading it, I can safely say that for the most part, it's complete fungus.

Though one thing I did learn was that he didn't go to war just because he was a derranged looney, but that he went to war because, in a nutshell, Europe, particularly the frogs, treated Germany like shit for most of history and he was simply pissed off. In all fairness, Europe had been treating Germany like a prostitute for quite a long time and many times, the French broke treaties with Germany and the German statesmen allowed it to happen in exchange for money. You'd be pissed off.

And au-contrare, he didn't decide upon systematic slaughter of six million jews because one refused him entry to art college, he simply believed that they were taking over the world and, "not on my watch".

Was ist das?

Along with a 15 year old pretending to be a Kreigsmarine with an air-rifle (pictured above), by far the most insulting and incredible comment comes from a genuine Aryan. You know.. one of the black ones.

For fear of the third Reich coming to kill me, I won't type his proper name in case it gets indexed in search engines, but it does contain the Dutch city, Rotterdam.

His comment is clearly articulated as "WE ARE ARIANS - WE ARE JEWISH KILLER - WE ARE NAZI".

I don't know what's worse - his comment or his grammar and inability to pluralise his words. A clear indication of the intelligence of today's Hitler followers.

But who's worse?

While Mr. Rotterdam's comments are certainly vulgar and highly offensive - it beggars the question - is he worse than the modern-day left-vegetarian-jewish-lesbian, who at the simple mutter of the word 'Hitler', 'Adolf' or 'Nazi', will fly into an uncontrollable fit of "WHAT THE FU&*%$##!??!!!???!!!!"

It's quite clear when you see the comments that there a few people who are, to a laughably stupid degree, taking it upon themselves to "better" the Nazis with intelligent comments like; "hitler was a gay lolololololollolfmaomfolololo gay nazi lololasolfololmmolmo"

And while I may tend to lean on the side of the left-vegetarian-lesbian-jew in the case of liberals V nazis, if the intellect behind the comments, for example, from user J. Rutherford, was the average for that group - then I am awfully sorry - but give me a pointy hat and a red armband, because that sort of carry on is even more stupid than Mr. Xenophobe's.

The point I'm trying to get at here is that people who are ultra-right wing are usually [with exception] (at least the ones I've met and seen on that page) quiet about their opinion or at least will reserve their opinion to only one or, if staunch, two comments.

Liberals however, can't be equal in their opinion. They have to go absolutely mad when somebody brings up the subjects of Nazis and even begin to shout and scream "HITLER WAS AN EVIL DICKHEAD. I'D HAVE KILLED HIM IF HE WERE ALIVE TODAY".

An appropriate answer to that would be, "No, you wouldn't. You'd be enslaved in a labour camp you silly little bitch. Now fuck up.

Lefties are just as bad as righties and it pisses me off that firstly, the right-wing is seen as some reserve pool for xenophobes and xenophobes only and secondly, that lefties seem to think they have some sort of moral highground in society just because they like vegetarian lesbian jews more.

If you ask me; Hitler is dead. He's not coming back (no, believe it or not, Hitler didn't create that facebook page, some idiot called Rolf did and I've messaged him asking why) and most of all, we are all equal. Left is equal to right.

Next time a leftie flys into a fit of rage, heil them, laugh, and leave before your IQ slips down a drain.

Meine zwei Cent.
My two cents.


I'm very curious to find out what the wannabe Kreigsmarine in the photograph gets up to in his spare time, so I've added him as a friend in the hope that he'll accept. Will report back if he does.

Peace out, fools.

Update: Mr. Kreigsmarine has seemingly accepted my facebook friendship request and then cancelled it, as I cannot get on his profile. He has also, since, removed his comment from Mr. Hitler's profile.


Got a response back from the chap who started Mr. Hitler's facebook page and he's not a complete asshole as was expecting.


Rolf, I don't mean to ask this as a "what the hell are you doing" question, I'm merely interested in your reason as to why you created an Adolf Hitler fan page.

I respect your opinion and am merely curious.

R. Holmberg

I don´t know what you´re talking about! I have not created such a site. This must be a bad joke!

Please see http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=120966616046&ref=ts 

It states you as being the developer.
R. Holmberg

Ok, now I grasp what you mean. This is a quiz!! That doesn´t mean I´m a fan of Hitler! I made a quiz about Stalin, he is an equel murderer as Hitler, so you see the point, do you?

I get exactly what you mean. Stalin killed more people than Hitler if I remember right but yet he's not the world's greatest asshole. Weird isn't it..
R. Holmberg

Sure is! It´s all about to be on the winning side, everything flow then. It´s not politically correct to critisise Stalin, because he was on the side of the allied. As Mao also was!

"History always favoured the winners" - some guy...

But yea, just because Stalin was on our team, people overlook the atrocities he inflicted on Russians/Asians which were far worse than the ones Hitler did on the jews. Still though, people wear those USSR and CCCP tops like it's some sort of fashion but the guy with a NSDAP t-shirt will be burnt on the stake
R. Holmberg

Yeah, that´s how it´s like. The winner takes it all, as ABBA sung!
Me (I was very drunk and equally stoned when I thought this last comment was a good idea)

hahaha yea. And I'd like to see Abba take over Europe!!!

So there you have it folks. I think we finally got to the bottom of it that err... Hitler was bad. Real bad.

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